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UAE is one of the best places to find work and become successful and for decades people from India have found their fortune there. Also the best FUE Hair Transplant Doctors are in UAE who would give patients the most natural looking hair growth that no one can tell apart. Hair loss patients will the very best specialized care before and after the surgery to ensure they are comfortable and happy because it is also one of the key ingredients to get a great result.

At the clinic the hair follicles are carefully extracted from the back of the scalp which is called the donor area and then medically harvested to ensure maximum viability. After that the doctor will implant the follicles inside the puncture wounds which have been systematically made with right angels. This allows the new hair to grow as per the natural pattern so it completely looks natural to the other person who will not be able to tell any difference.

In just week or so the wounds from the surgery will heal and in three to four months patient will have enough hair to style and cut. But the overall growth process lasts between nine to twelve months and the effects of hair reclamation process are permanent.

Proper medical facility

Hair transplant is an intricate and delicate procedure and the Best effective FUT Hair Surgery is only possible in UAE because they have the best proper medical facility which offers state of the art technology and the best trained support staff who are there for you all the time. FUT is a procedure where the surgeon will take a strip of hair from the back of the scalp deemed donor acceptable. It is then harvested under the most sterile medical environment to ensure all of the grafts are used.

After making methodical puncture wounds on the bald area the harvested hair which have been specifically chosen to give best results are implanted keeping in mind the aesthetics which ensure when the hair grows it looks totally natural to others. The procedure could last between four to six hours during which time no effect is spared to ensure you are comfortable and are not feeling the stress of the procedure.

After checking all your vital signs you will be discharged so you can go back to your house and relax and in three to four months there will be enough hair growth for you to get a haircut and start styling your hair the way you want and not just feel but see the difference in you.

Affordable cost for hair transplant

Cost of hair transplant surgeries or surgery in UAE

Probably the first question which comes to mind when an individual wants to get a hair transplant is the cost. Hair transplant was once a niche procedure for the rich and famous and that gave the perception this is a very expensive procedure but it was true and it not anymore. Hair transplant cost is very much affordable these days thanks to the advancement being in this field. It has been observed that many young and some women these days are suffering from hair loss and there is a growing need for affordable hair transplant and the Cost of hair transplant surgeries or surgery in UAE are very much affordable.

Since there is a growing demand for quality hair transplant the cost of getting the surgery have also come down and very much affordable for our middle class who previously shied away. But now they are the largest segment of the population who are getting this life altering procedure done.

Excellent care & Service

If anyone wants to start a hair transplant clinic it is important to make sure all the patients who come with the trust that they will get the best hair transplant must be given excellent care and service because hair transplant is a life style choice and the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons are in UAE. Dr. Mayank Singh is a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed over 2500+ hundred FUE and FUT hair transplant over the last ten years. Dr. Mayank is one of the leading authority in hair transplant in India and have received awards and recognition for his breakthrough in surgical hair restoration techniques.

At Radiance Cosmedic center you will see the support staff and medical crew are fully trained when it comes to following procedures and protocols which are essential in a smooth hair transplant operation. From the moment you will enter the clinic you will be welcomed with a warm smile and can feel the congenial environment which is so important to make a person feel safe, relaxed and confident. When such positive energy is in the air patient feels energetic which does have direct result on the outcome of the surgery. At Radiance you will get all the support from the start to finish so you are fully satisfied with your results.

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Hair Transplant Al Adla

Al Adla is another promising place in UAE where one can get the best hair transplant from Radiance Cosmedic Centre for excellence in FUT and FUE hair transplant.

Our Medical Services
  • Our Medical Services

    In our clinic we offer the best in hair transplant services where patients will get the most effective FUE, FUT and Direct Hair transplant procedures and that way they will get maximum hair coverage in just one sitting. We have all the right facilities and equipment to ensure smooth and safe surgery takes place. Plus we have the best medical support staffs to ensure you just have the best experience with us.

    • Cosmetic surgeries

    Our clinic also offers cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, breast enhancement, breast reduction and male breast reduction surgeries. We have all the facilities to perform such procedures and for us the safety and comfort of all our patients is the number one priority.

    We offer the very best in hair fall and hair rejuvenation treatments which includes Mesotherapy and PRP or platelet rich plasma treatment which is very good in arresting hair fall and help with hair growth. These are non evasive hair treatments and takes very little time to do it.

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