Body hair can be used for hair transplant

August 1, 2016

In normal hair transplant procedure normally scalp hair is used for transplant but in some cases, patients do not have a good or enough donor area to complete the task. In that case, doctors can extract hair from the body e.g. using hair from your beard and transplant it to head and it is called Body Hair Transplant or BHT. Also, it is possible to use hair from our chest, forearms, shoulder hair but the only difference is that when hair from body part other then scalp hair is used there will be some difference in texture & thickness of the hair. However for those who have a limited donor area on the scalp and are a Grade VII hair loss patient this procedure is a god send that way the doctor can achieve higher density given the limitation of grafts that can be extracted from the scalp in one sitting.

Only FUE technique is used

When there is a necessity to use hair from beard, shoulders, chest, Legs etc the procedure is done using follicular unit extraction or FUE which means after the procedure there will be no linear scar at the end of the surgery. When body hair is to be used it has been observed that our beard comes very close to matching exactly with the scalp hair and hair from the beard is considered good and permanent. During the procedure, hairs are extracted by using special punches/needle that rarely leaves any visible marks behind. At Radiance Cosmedic Center there will be no visible linear scar after the procedure is being done.

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