Questions to ask and research before going for a hair transplant

February 23, 2018
Questions to ask and research before going for a hair transplant in UAE

Undergoing a hair transplant in Dubai, UAE is a major decision on the part of any person experiencing problems of acute hair loss. While the transplant procedure can significantly amplify the morale and self-confidence, aggrandize the general appearance of the patent, it’s pivotal that the medical procedure is conducted under the guidance and supervision of the best hair transplant experts in Dubai.

Hair restoration surgery claims to be an extremely costly affair.

Therefore, it’s imperative to ask your hair transplant surgeon a few pertinent questions related to the surgery before going under the scalpel.

What are the results to expect?

Impractical expectations are difficult to conceive. People suffering from outrageous baldness shouldn’t look forward to a dense turf of thick, full hair. Doctors from clinics offering best hair transplantation in Dubai never give false presuppositions to their patients. After ascertaining the magnitude of a patient’s baldness, the hair transplant surgeons brief them about what to reasonably anticipate.

To what extent will the outcomes of the treatment last?

Regardless of whether it’s an instance of male/female pattern baldness the consequences of any hair loss treatment will primarily depend on the baldness severity, the treatment engaged in and how satisfactorily the patient reacts to the treatment. These are vital aspects to question the surgeon for avoiding any regrets later on.

What are the best hair transplant treatments?

Hair restoration surgery claims to be an extremely costly affair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two regularly performed hair transplantation procedures. Get to know from your surgeon the pros and cons of both the techniques. For example, FUE is costlier yet causes no scar whereas FUT is more affordable but results in moderate scarring. Also, derive an idea about the estimated best hair transplant costs in Dubai. Contingent upon your budget, examine the two options with your transplant specialist.

Am I the perfect candidate for a hair transplant surgery?

The best person to assess and tell you whether a hair transplant is the correct choice is your doctor. More often than not, people who have abundant donor area hair for covering their full head and stabilizing their hair loss can go through the surgery.

The doctor might suggest you some medications to stabilize your hair loss prior to the procedure. Furthermore, surgeons sometimes recommend non surgical hair transplants in Dubai which are more cost-effective and convenient, only after evaluating the acuteness of hair fall, budget and the ability of the patient to withstand the surgery.

How to single-out the ideal choice?

While hair transplantation is regarded as a life-changing experience, patients beforehand must carefully read the various hair transplant in Dubai, UAE reviews that furnish sufficient note-worthy information about the best hair transplant clinics, techniques and surgeons that have garnered favourable performance records of enriched expertise, success stories and enhanced client satisfaction.

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