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February 23, 2018
Questions to ask and research before going for a hair transplant in UAE

Undergoing a hair transplant in Dubai, UAE is a major decision on the part of any person experiencing problems of acute hair loss. While the transplant procedure can significantly amplify the morale and self-confidence, aggrandize the general appearance of the patent, it’s pivotal that the medical procedure is conducted under the guidance and supervision of the best hair transplant experts in Dubai.

Hair restoration surgery claims to be an extremely costly affair.

Therefore, it’s imperative to ask your hair transplant surgeon a few pertinent questions related to the surgery before going under the scalpel.

What are the results to expect?

Impractical expectations are difficult to conceive. People suffering from outrageous baldness shouldn’t look forward to a dense turf of thick, full hair. Doctors from clinics offering best hair transplantation in Dubai never give false presuppositions to their patients. After ascertaining the magnitude of a patient’s baldness, the hair transplant surgeons brief them about what to reasonably anticipate.

To what extent will the outcomes of the treatment last?

Regardless of whether it’s an instance of male/female pattern baldness the consequences of any hair loss treatment will primarily depend on

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August 1, 2017
Radiance Cosmedic Centre is the best plastic surgery clinic in UAE

It is not a big surprise that many people are opting for plastic surgery these days to enhance their looks and features because if cosmetic surgery is done with the right intentions, it can make a great impact on a person’s life. For example, Hair transplant in UAE is a cosmetic process that helps both men and women who suffer from hair loss overcome this problem and it is safe and effective. Also, there are other cosmetic procedures such as Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery in UAE and Liposuction Surgeon in UAE. All these are life-altering proc

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March 20, 2017
Robotic Hair Transplants are even more efficient in giving natural results

People go for various expensive treatments and medications so as to combat the common issue of hair loss and baldness. The advancements in technology and scientific innovations have made it possible for the people who are suffering from such issues of hair loss and baldness to seek proper treatment and revive and restore the hair growth as before. The hair loss problem has gained prominence due to damage to hair by pollution, various health problems and deficiencies, unhealthy diets and even inherited baldness patterns. However, advancements in medical science allows you the opportunities to restore and rejuvenate the lost hair density through various surgical and non-surgical processes of hair transplants which can be performed by specialized hair transplant surgeons and even directly by robots. Radiance Cosmetic Centre which is well-known for its hair transplant treatments and surgeries, has also come up with advanced techniques of performing Robotic Hair Transplant surgeries which would not only ensure precision, but we even ensure the best possible results for your surgery as desired by you. And, if you want to attain a natural look after the surgery, then there is no better option than the robotic hair transplant surgery.

How Robotic hair transplant surgeries offer the best results of restoring hair density?


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September 5, 2016
Hair transplant can make your appearance look younger

There are not many men who can look great even when they are bald. The only great Hollywood actor whose name comes to mind was Yul Brynner who was bald in almost all his films. But that is a look, not every man can pull and that is why hair transplant have made it possible for young and middle-aged men to look young.

There have been several studies which have successfully concluded that when men got a hair transplant, it made them look younger and more attractive. It is normal to lose hair as we gradually get old but when the rate of loss is high it changes our look and appearance. Suddenly one starts to feel different and much older than their actual age. There was a time when people had much reservation when it came to hair transplant like it was for the rich or the disparate.

The fact is when we lose hair and if there is any way for us to regain hair; we will be desperate to try it. Who would say no to aesthetically looking hair transplant and the new hair growth looking completely natural? The fact is most men feel more attractive when they have more hair. But the good news is h

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August 1, 2016

In normal hair transplant procedure normally scalp hair is used for transplant but in some cases, patients do not have a good or enough donor area to complete the task. In that case, doctors can extract hair from the body e.g. using hair from your beard and transplant it to head and it is called Body Hair Transplant or BHT. Also, it is possible to use hair from our chest, forearms, shoulder hair but the only difference is that when hair from body part other then scalp hair is used there will be some difference in texture & thickness of the hair. However for those who have a limited donor area on the scalp and are a Grade VII hair loss patient this procedure is a god send that way the doctor can achieve higher density given the limitation of grafts that can be extracted from the scalp in one sitting.

Only FUE technique is used

When there is a necessity to use hair from beard, shoulders, chest, Legs etc the procedure is done using follicular unit extraction or FUE which means after the procedure there will be no linear scar at the end of the surgery. When body hair is to be used it has been

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